Crazy celeb fact of the day: Macaulay Culkin and Chris Pine are both 36 today

Caitlin E. O’Conner, Times Entertainment News Editor
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26 August 2016
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Caitlin E. O’Conner, Times Entertainment News Editor

Friday, August 26, 2016 10:00am

Today, Internet, I just had to share with you this mind-bending celebrity fact I discovered last week: Macaulay Culkin and Chris Pine both turn 36 today.


Happy 36th to both famous fellows born on Aug. 26, 1980.

Yes, it’s hard to believe the Home Alone kid of yesteryear and the hunky new Capt. James T. Kirk are the same age, but there you have it. Culkin was born in Manhattan while Pine was born across the country in L.A. Who knew.

It just goes to show how relative time can feel. Culkin acted in his first move in 1988 at the age of 8, rose to prominence in 1990’s Home Alone at the age of 10 and kind of fell off the map after 1994’s Richie Rich. He popped up again with drug troubles 10 years later in 2004, which just so happens to be the same year as Pine’s first movie, The Princess Diaries 2 (bet you had forgotten all about that!). Both turned 24 that year.

Just imagine if the roles were reversed and kid Chris Pine outfoxed burglars while 30-year-old Macaulay Culkin flew around the galaxy battling aliens and getting all the girls.

… yeah, I can’t really see it either. It’s safe to say from the recent photos above that 35 has been much kinder to Pine than it has to Culkin.

I discovered this fun fact while filling out a list of celebrity birthdays we run weekly in the Times from information provided by the Associated Press. Everyone knows the fun of seeing who shares your birthday (mine is coming up Monday, and I share Aug. 29 with Lea Michele, Liam Payne and the late Michael Jackson). But the weekly list is also always a point of intriguing knowledge around here, like “Did you know that Snoop Dogg and John Krasinski have the same birthday?!” or “Doris Day is 92; I wonder what she’s up to nowadays” or “Oh, man, I can’t believe Keanu Reeves is turning 52.”

Occasionally, you come across extra fun tidbits like celebrities born on the same day, same year. Last week, we learned the world was gifted both Madonna and Angela Bassett on Aug. 16, 1958. (That makes them 58, in case you were wondering.)

Cheers to birthday twins!